CO-OP! (A homeschool enrichment opportunity)

The more I’ve shared about our plans to home educate in the fall, the more I’ve heard, “YOU’VE GOTTA FIND A GOOD CO-OP!”

I’ve heard of farming co-ops and housing co-ops, but homeschooling co-ops were new to me. So I took to the internet to read up on them a bit and see if there were any offered in our new town.

A homeschool co-op is a group of families who meet together once a week (sometimes less, sometimes more), and work cooperatively to achieve common goals. They can be organized around academics, social time, the arts, service work, projects – or a combination of these, and they may meet in homes, churches, libraries, or community centers. The children in these co-ops typically do most of their learning outside of the co-op, but it’s one more experience that builds their knowledge and provides them with a chance to be with friends and do something interesting.

With us moving to a new state and not knowing any other homeschooling families yet, I’ve been working really hard to find enrichment opportunities for the kids (and myself as a new homeschooling parent). After some narrowing down, we applied to a co-op last month and were put on their wait list. I was so excited last week when we got word that our application had been accepted and we were all set to register.

Since the co-op will be an enrichment and social experience and not the bulk of their academic learning (although they do offer these types of classes), I wanted them to choose their own classes based on what sparked their interests. Baby B is also enrolled in preschool-age classes (fun!) and I was required to sign up for a few jobs within the co-op for my contribution, so we’ll all be involved and have the opportunity to participate for 3 hours, one day a week.

Some examples of the age-level classes that the kids chose are: Brain Busters (math games), Book Club, sensory play, Middle-Ages history, PE (outdoor games), art and poetry. They’ll also be eating lunch and attending chapel with their friends.

I’m really looking forward to this experience (for them – and for me!), and grateful to all of the homeschooling families who shared what a co-op was and why we should join one!

4 thoughts on “CO-OP! (A homeschool enrichment opportunity)

  1. Carissa,
    Congratulations on the good news! May this co-op be a great blessing for you and the children, and vice versa. Can’t wait to hear all that lies ahead in your homeschool adventure by God’s grace! 😀


  2. That is wonderful, what a fun experience for all of you to look forward too. Social interaction is much needed right now and this sounds like the perfect place to meet new friends for kids and mom!


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