The In-Between

Our house is packed up and we’re surrounded by furniture that isn’t ours.

I’m so thankful that the military here in Hawaii provides us with “aloha” furniture – temporary seating, tables, beds, dressers, lamps and kitchen appliances that allow us to stay in our home until closer to our move date. Can you imagine a hotel room (or, two hotel rooms!) with 2 adults, 4 kids, and 4 animals? I’d officially lose whatever marbles I have left.

So thank you, aloha furniture. The kids are still in their rooms at night, we’re cooking meals as normal, eating dinner together around a table. Our beds might be wrapped in 10 layers of plastic, but it’s home.

I consider us to be one of those “lucky” military families that have really gotten an awesome deal when it comes to where we’ve been stationed. Out of 20 years active-duty, 12 of those have been here at Pearl Harbor. Geno and I met here when I was in college and he was fresh outta bootcamp. We’ve come back and forth several times, but we’ve lived in Hawaii more than anywhere else in our adult lives. It’s been so good to us.

We had a wedding here. Three of our 4 kids were born here and the baby was born in Virginia on Dec. 7 – (Pearl Harbor day). We have such a deep connection to these islands and they’ve called us “home” more than once. So maybe that’s why there’s no big rush to check-off a “bucket list” before we go. We’re not anxious to do it all/ see it all because 1. we already have 😆, and 2. something tells me –– as it always has –– that we’ll be back. If not to live, then to spend time. And there’s a sense of calmness that comes with that.

We’ll fly to Washington mid-June and until then, we’re just here. Enjoying our time and knowing that life will pick up pace soon enough. So we can just sit tight for now, look around, take it all in, and be present.

The kids are finishing the school year and loving their last few weeks with teachers + friends. We’re spending time outside, walking our neighborhood like always, eating at our favorite spots, visiting our favorite places, holding gratitude for everything that we’ve experienced here, and just feeling the love that we have for this place.

Enjoying the moment, I guess you could say. Trying not to wish the time away because the time will be here soon enough and I know we’ll miss it when we’re gone. Of course we will – we always do. This is home.